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28th January, 2017

Stars of our tasting, antipodean whites

Interesting last night that the stars of our tasting unexpectedly were the white wines. We normal anticipate the red wines will go down well and the whites will be met with a level of “so what ?” However the whites went down well and with a level of interest that wasnt really anticipated.

After a champagne starter we went on to Gundog Estate Hunter’s Semillion. The richness and depth of this wine from this boutique winery was a surprise to our guests and well appreciated. It was followed by the Greywacke Wild Sauvignon Blanc, which is unusual in that is fermented at length and put in oak barrels. It is very different from the standard Greywacke SB with unusual flavour and depth to its taste. Final white was Grosset Alea Riesling which destroyed the concept that Riesling is a sweet german wine. Full of flavour, great depth and capable of aging, a truly great white wine. This was the biggest seller in the whites.

The reds went down as expected with Dark Side of the Moon the biggest seller. On the back of that I took home a bottle of Claymore Nirvana Reserve Shiraz, and at first taste this was really good. I will wait until the second instalment before i pass final judgemant.

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