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One Chain selection six

Six bottles of mixed wines from the One Chain winery.

Producer: Colour: Mixed CaseRegion: Victoria

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Opportunist Shiraz

The Opportunist Shiraz

The Opportunist Shiraz by One Chain Vineyards

The wine has an aromatic bouquet of ripe fruits, cherries and blackcurrants, with notes of freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate, peppermint, liquorice and subtle pepper. Thick and smooth with good balanced fruit weight.

An energetic, vibrant nose of delicious, herbal cassis and spice followed by a succulent palate of dark fruits, mocha and grilled meats. Lovely balance, intense yet not over-powering.

Fruit for the Opportunist Shiraz comes from 3 separate blocks of the same vineyard in the historic Langhorne Creek region. All blocks are trellised and spur pruned though the trellis height vary dependent on frost risk. Soils are a mix of sandy loam and darker red soils with moderate fertility. Yields are low to moderate with good canopies that allow for a lengthy ripening period.

As for all of our wines, the fruit for the Opportunist is picked on the way up to ripeness rather than on the way down. This way we achieve freshness and energy but not at the expense of flavour. We retain as many whole berries as possible to increase vibrancy and succulence. Winemaking is simple and is followed by 8 months on oak to increase texture and varietal expression. rate fertility. Yields are low to moderate with good canopies that allow for a lengthy ripening period.

Good with beef stews, entrecôte or a crispy Thai beef salad.

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The Opportunist Semillon / Sauvignion Blanc

Opportunist Sauvignon Semillon is a crisp, dry, tangy white wine. Displaying tropical fruits and citrus aromas on the nose, the wine then offers a delicate elegance and structure on the palate, culminating in a lingering finish.

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Cabernet Sauvignon The Pugilist

Cabernet Sauvignon The Pugilist

Cabernet Sauvignon The Pugilist by One Chain Vineyards. One of the Character Series wines by the One Chain Vineyards from grapes grown in Langhorne Creek.

This Cabernet displays all the rugged and powerful characteristics of the best Australian Cabernet, yet it is also elegant and balanced. The wine is deep and generous with blackcurrants, plums and wood spice on the pallet. The finish is long, silky and smooth.

The Pugilist is sourced from 2 vineyard sites in Langhorne Creek, both of which are above the flood plain. Soils are of sandy loam with some iron rich red soils. Both vineyards are trellised and spur pruned to produce low yields which ensure balance and flavour.

Precise varietal expression and balance are what One Chain is seeking to achieve and so picking time is of utmost importance. They  pick just as flavours are approaching their peak rather than let them get over-ripe. They retain whole berries in the ferment for vibrancy and press relatively early to avoid astringent tannins.

The nose shows an array of perfumed characters such as violets, oregano & thyme, along with glacé cherry aromas. Sweet ripe cherry fruit dominates the front palate which then develops into a more savoury wine, showing earthiness, toasted spices and lovely dried herb characters.

Cabernet Sauvignon The Pugilist is great with roast beef or grilled sirloin.

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Shiraz Cabernet The Wrong Un

Shiraz Cabernet The Wrong Un from One Chain Vineyards, part of the Cricket Series, inspired by a love of the Aussie national sport.

A rich, well balanced example of the Aussie classic blend. Lush black fruits coupled with touches of woodspice, liquorice and cassis follow through to a delicious, velvety finish.

To make this wine parcels of fruit were destemmed and crushed into static and rotary fermentation vessels and fermented on skins for around seven to ten days, at temperatures between 18 and 26 degrees. Cap management techniques were optimised for each individual parcel to maximise the extraction of desirable colour and flavour components while maintaining soft tannin structures. Maturation took place mostly in stainless steel tanks. 

The grapes are harvested by machine in the cool of the night from vineyard sites across South Eastern Australia. 

The wine is great with BBQ meats.

The Cricket Series wines are inspired by a love for the Australian national sport. Indeed, the name One Chain is the imperial measurement for 22 yards, or the length of a cricket pitch. However, you really don’t need to be a connoisseur of the game to be bowled over by the bright red fruit and subtle oak of the Shiraz Cabernet.

Shiraz Cabernet The Wrong Un, another classic delivery by the One Chain spin merchants.

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Chardonnay The Googly

Chardonnay The Googly

Chardonnay The Googly by One Chain Vineyards , part of the cricket series. The imperial length of a cricket pitch is one chain or 22 yards hence the name of this series of wine, and the Googly is the famed killer ball delivered by spin bowlers.

This Chardonnay is sourced from cooler climate vineyards to give a delicious, tangy white wine. Crisp, lively and bright, this citrus scented Chardonnay is well balanced, with tropical fruit and melon on the palate before presenting a vibrant, textured finish. Light, zingy and well balanced.

You really don’t need to be a connoisseur of the game to be bowled over by the restrained, elegant style of this Chardonnay.

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The Courtesan Riesling

The Courtesan Riesling by One Chain

The Courtesan Riesling is one of the Character Series wines from One Chain Vineyards.

The  Character Series has a range of beautifully produced and packaged wines, benefitting from ultra premium quality fruit. Each wine has great varietal definition coupled with our signature vibrancy and freshness. These are wines that are immediately pleasing, yet an authentic expression of the variety and place.

Capturing all the mouth watering lime and elderflower character one expects from great Riesling, the Courtesan has a voluptuous palate hinting at grapefruit, ripe melon and quince.

The fruit is sourced from an easterly facing vineyard situated in the famed Watervale sub-region of the Clare Valley. The vines are grown on their own roots in a soil consisting of red clay over limestone. Yields at just 2 tons per acre are very low which ensures high quality, concentrated fruit .

Suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans, 

The Courtesan is truly in the royal family of wines.


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