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Trentham Estate Family Nebbiolo

Trentham Estate Family Nebbiolo


We have produced a select range of wines from Italian varieties which have been grown on the Estate – these wines celebrate our Irish and Italian heritage influencing our grape growing and winemaking – celebrating a “Love for Life”.

THE GRAPES Nebbiolo is the king of north western Italian red varieties notably in the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. In the vineyard Nebbiolo does have variable crops with fruit colour ranging from light to deeply coloured red. The fruit matures late in the season with low sugar and high acid levels which makes it well suited for warmer climates.

THE VINTAGE ‘Late but great’ sums up the 2017 vintage. Good rain in spring, followed by mild weather and only short heat waves resulted in grapes ripening slowly on the vine. It was certainly an unusually late harvest but the wines are something to be proud of – well balanced fruit, plenty of flavour and distinct varietal aromas.

THE WINEMAKING The grapes were crushed, de-stemmed and transferred into tank and inoculated with yeast. Fermented over an eight-day period with regular pump overs to maintain a consistent temperature and to aid colour and tannin extraction from the skins. After pressing, a portion of the wine was matured in French oak barrels. The wine was then blended and clarified before being bottled in October 2016.

THE WINE A lighter red with complex aromas of spice and berry fruits. On the palate fruit flavours of blackberry and plum are with complex spice and earthy characters. Ripe tannins provide great length and balance.

THE FOOD Nebbiolo is a wine with Italian origin that goes best with Italian food. Enjoy this with pasta puttanesca or wood fired pizza.

ANALYSIS Variety: Nebbiolo Region: Murray Darling Alcohol: 13.0% Acid: 6.0 g/l pH: 3.54 Sweetness: Dry

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The 46 hectares that make up Trentham Estate’s vineyards sit on a winding riverbank at Trentham Cliffs. The ideal terroir of red loam over limestone soils combined with nurturing water from the Murray River allows the vines to flourish.

Trentham Estate Family Nebbiolo – great wine from the Murphy family winery

Producer: Colour: RedGrape: Other RedsRegion: New South Wales, Murray-DarlingVintage: 2018Grape Details: NebbioloSKU: TRENT03

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Trentham Estate

Trentham is a small boutique winery located on the banks of the Murray River. It produces wines of outstanding value for money with great varietal fruit flavours.

New South Wales

The first winery in the region was established in the 1880s by W.B. Chaffey (Mildura Wine Co at Merbein). Today there are around nine/ten wineries in this region. This may not sound so many for a large area, but they are some of the largest wineries and their production is enormous. References such as: ‘the industrial heartland of Australian wine production’, ‘the powerhouse of the Australian wine industry’ are often used to describe this region wine production. The climate is continental; hot and dry with low rainfall making it a relatively fungus disease free region thus reducing the risk for such large-scale production. The main wine styles: Chardonnay, Semillon.

Other Reds

Red grape varieties and blend styles other than the ones mentioned.

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