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West Winds Cutlass Gin

West Winds Cutlass Gin

West Winds Cutlass Gin

The West Winds Cutlass Gin is our rare find. As our New World Gin, its special blend combines traditional Juniper with some unique Australian treasures such as Cinnamon Myrtle and Native Bush Tomato. Enjoy your bounty and take this secret to your grave.
The Cutlass is a gin for seasoned adventurers who are familiar with the wild intricacies and vast possibilities of finely crafted gin.

The secret to The West Winds story is buried within our name. The wind and the waves are at the heart of everything we do, because we honour the ocean breezes that brought sailors and explorers across the Indian Ocean to the West Coast of Australia.
Our journey set sail in 2010, when we threw caution to the winds and embarked to create a range of gins to rival the best in the world. Our first gins, The Cutlass and The Sabre and more recently, The Broadside, have all been awarded Australia’s Champion Gin while the Cutlass and The Broadside have also been proclaimed Champion Gin in international competitions.

Our goal is to make gins that we love to drink and to share them with the world. Our gins are acclaimed both in Australia and internationally.
We are passionate about gin and about exploring the best ways to make our gins as accessible as possible. Over 50% of the botanicals used in The West Winds Gins are indigenous to Australia. Combine these with more traditional botanicals and ingredients, like locally grown fresh lemon, lime and fresh coriander, and you have gins that are among the finest in the world.

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West Winds is one of our favourites and we will add to the range over time. 


Producer: Colour: GinRegion: Western Australia, Margaret RiverAlcohol: 50%

£46.00 a bottle

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