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Woodlands Wilyabrup Valley Chardonnay

Woodlands Wilyabrup Valley Chardonnay

Woodlands Wilyabrup Valley Chardonnay

Translucent and pale gold in colour. A seamless wine where fruit and minerality mingle in unity. Honey dew, white nectarine and nashi pear are interlaced with high-tone notes of yuzu and lime rind. Jasmine and honeyed wildflowers lift the tempo, whilst complex hints of creamy lees and roasted nuts compete the scene.
Ample with texture and length, this wine sings with purity- of the valley and the terroir from which it is grown.

In 1973 cuttings were taken from a nearby vineyard, and an initial planting of eight acres was made in rows heading east-west along the contour of the property – 3 meters between rows and 1.75 meters between vines. The initial planting comprised 3 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon. A further 5 acres was planted between 1974 and 1976, comprising Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. The old block was completed in 1985, with 4 acres of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon planted. Subsequent plantings now sees Woodlands with a total of twenty six acres (ten hectares) of vines.

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The Wilyabrup Valley is a series of gentle slopes found alongside tributaries to the Wilyabrup Brook. Vines prosper on the Wilyabrup soils.
The gravel subsoil ensures good drainage, while the high clay content enables good water retention throughout summer.
The weather in the Wilyabrup Valley is characterised by high winter rainfall and long dry summers. The Indian Ocean surrounds the region to the north and west, providing a moderating effect on the temperature.

The Wilyabrup Valley is a place with a history of being “different”, recognised well before wine. The combination of laterite topsoil and gravel subsoil, the mix of the Southern Ocean with the Indian, and the watercourses that have given the land its slopes, all make a place with its own voice.

Fine wine is a subtle thing. Often the difference between one terroir and another is that “from time to time it rains there, but it doesn’t rain here”, or “a warm wind comes through the valley here, but not there”. It all adds up, if you’re paying attention, and if you can capture it.

We’ve always believed in Wilyabrup. Woodlands wines will only ever come from 100% Wilyabrup Valley fruit – not for any perception of quality, it is simply who we are. This is where we’re from, and that’s why Wilyabrup Valley is front and center on the label. We hope our Wilyabrup Valley series can take you here, to our little valley.

Woodlands Wilyabrup Valley Chardonnay

Producer: Colour: WhiteGrape: AustralianRegion: Western Australia, Margaret RiverVintage: 2020SKU: WOODL02

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