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15th April, 2017

Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Shiraz

I just love the name and the wine is excellent. Good body, nice fruit with some pepperiness. Ideal with roast meats and most other meat dishes. Tremendous value wine . I also like the fact that it comes in a very heavy sturdy bottle. Good wines should be in good bottles...

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20th March, 2017

UK Budget Increases

Another budget, another increase on duty across the board. Every year duty on wines and spirits is increased in line with inflation and this feeds through into retail prices. However many people are unaware how much duty is actually paid on most wines, and the effect this has on pricing...

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28th January, 2017

Stars of our tasting, antipodean whites

Interesting last night that the stars of our tasting unexpectedly were the white wines. We normal anticipate the red wines will go down well and the whites will be met with a level of “so what ?” However the whites went down well and with a level of interest that...

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27th January, 2017

1st tasting of the Year

Tonight in sub zero UK we have our first tasting of the year. This is a premium tasting with all wines costing more than £20 and is really my favourite tasting as I can put on excellent wines of my choice without geographical restrictions. The list is fantastic. Starting with...

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21st January, 2017

Dark Side of The Moon

A Clare Valley shiraz from Claymore wines, well balanced with a delicious fruity flavour without being as full as some other shiraz. This wine with its obvious dedication to Pink Floyd is one of Claymore’s premium wines and certainly deserves that spot. Last night it was delicious and I anticipate...

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21st January, 2017

Too many new years resolutions

Everywhere you go at the moment there are people on the inevitable new year health kick. I totally applaud this. but there are many reasons to continue drinking good wine as an addendum to the programme. It can be an incentive, or even be part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. There...

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