20th November, 2022

Great Wines Greywacke Mollydooker and more

Great Wines Greywacke Mollydooker The Season is almost upon us New Wines and Great Deals Just in time for Christmas we have a wine new to this site, but not to some of our customers. It is in stock on for the first time. We also have new Mollydooker...

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8th November, 2022

Australian Mixed Wine Cases

What is the attraction of Australian Mixed Wine Cases. Australian Mixed Wine Cases are a simple way of buying gifts or presents for all occasions. They almost always represent excellent value for money and take the pain of deciding exactly what to buy for a friend or loved one away....

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28th October, 2022

Mollydooker Wines – Fantastic Wines or Great Marketing or Both ?

Mollydooker Wines Mollydooker is the Aussie slang for a left-handed boxer, a Southpaw in UK terms. This winery is not only left-handed, but also completely out of left field and boxes well above its weight. The range is unique, its website is amazing, and the total package is from end...

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25th October, 2022

Sparkling Red Wines for the all year round festivities

Sparkling Red Wines and Shiraz are a staple of Australian Festivities at all times of the year. They lend themselves to being imbibed with both the meats from the Barbie and the turkey with the Christmas lunch and winter lunches. Buy Sparkling Shiraz in our shop. Most UK retailers stock...

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23rd October, 2022

Sparkling Shiraz and Other Australian Sparkling Reds

Sparkling Shiraz from Australia The Sparkling Red is a staple at the Australian Barbie. It is uniquely Australian, and in most cases its main constituent is shiraz, although there are other red grapes used in its production, the style of wine is commonly known as Sparkling Shiraz, or in the...

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7th October, 2022

Henschke Wines – Increasingly popular and some now on allocation

Henschke Wines This year for the first year we have experienced, some top end Henschke wines are now on allocation, and will be increasingly difficult for customers to source. In the past Hill of Grace has been rationed, and available only through specific outlets and in relatively small quantities. This...

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