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8th March, 2022

Vegan and Vegetarian Wines

Vegan and Vegetarian Wines

We often read and are asked about Vegan/Vegetarian wines. Most people are unaware that wines generally are produced using some form of animal or dairy product. According to Wikipedia – “The production of wine is a delicate process that includes a range of factors to obtain the desired outcome. One step in the production of wine often includes a process called fining. The fining process requires a fining agent to be suspended into the vat where it will later be filtered out of the wine. Fining agents are typically either animal, carbon or clay-based products and are used to gather proteins or sediment within the wine to adjust impurities such as colour, haziness, taste and/ or smell. Animal-based fining agents include gelatine, isinglass, egg whites, and casein. Different agents will be used based on the desired outcome of the wine and the winemaker’s preference. Because the fining agent is filtered back out of the wine, the labelling of these additives is not required or regulated in most places”.

Many wineries are now moving to produce Vegan/Vegetarian wines, and these wineries are also often link to Organic and Bio Dynamic practices.

Yalumba is one of many Australian producers of Vegan wines. Achieving 100% vegan-friendly wine status came from the desire to make more expressive and delicious wines. They want their wines to represent quality while expressing the natural terroir in which they are grown. The decision to move away from using animal products such as gelatine, milk, and eggs in the making of their wines was initially made to avoid their tendency to strip away the delectable fruit flavours and textures they work so hard to gain. They didn’t set out to make vegan wine. They set out to make the best wines they could, and the result was vegan wine.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Wines

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