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16th July, 2022

What is the difference

What is the difference ?

The question we get asked most often by people new to wine is – What is the difference between a £100 bottle of wine and a £10 bottle of wine.

The most correct answer is actually £95. It sounds simplistic, but it is the simplest most straight forward answer. Every other answer is tinged with opinion, personal preference, and the machinations of taste buds.

Everybody tastes everything differently. How do you know that what you taste when trying a wine is the same as the person next to you.

In simplistic terms , you do not. You can try a flight of wines at a tasting, but all that does is confirm to you personally that the wines have different tastes.

The other simple answers are depth of flavour, food pairing, winemakers skill, scarcity, etc, etc. However it really comes down to personal taste and an individual’s desire to experience that taste. Wine is like any other product, the price is decided by what people are prepared to pay for the unique experience. The basic ingredients are the same, the skill in making may be different, but what people will pay decides the price

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