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d'Arenberg 6 pack

NSW Mixed case

A case of six mixed wines from New South Wales

£87.94 £82.00 per case

McWilliams On The Grapevine Chardonnay

McWilliams On The Grapevine Chardonnay

McWilliams On The Grapevine Chardonnay

The On the Grapevine range is an innovative retro-inspired range when life was simple, products had an ingrained quality and people sought the better things in life. This Chardonnay is no exception, a rich, textured wine with fruit-forward peach flavours, well-balanced with the ‘buttery’ feel of old school Chardonnay. Well presented, beautifully made wines to suit most tastes at a price which suits most people’s wallets.

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With six consecutive generations of winemakers and over 140 years of experience, the wines they make are more than just quality, award-winning wines. They are wines that tell the story of the family and a century long love affair with winemaking.

The Australian landscape is as varied as it is vast. From hot, rural locations to mountainous cool-climate regions, the New South Wales vineyards from which McWilliam’s source their fruit embody this diversity.
The weather conditions, geography and soil are some of the key factors that inevitably leave their footprint across each bottle of wine. The McWilliam’s winemaking philosophy centres on the quality of fruit and this means that there must be an intimate understanding across all regions of the complex relationship that exists between the land, the climate and the winemaker.

McWilliams On The Grapevine Chardonnay – Great value wine from one of Australia’s first family of winemakers

Australia’s First Families of Wine is an exciting initiative created by 12 family owned Australian wineries. Together the AFFW represent 16 Australian regions across four states and with more than 1200 years of winemaking experience.
With history, heritage and provenance, the families of the AFFW are rich with unique characters, stories and icon wines that are part of Australia’s vinous past – and future.

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Brokenwood Cricket Pitch Red

Brokenwood Cricket Pitch Red Blend

Brokenwood Cricket Pitch Red – A true ‘South Eastern Australian’ blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and  Shiraz, sourced from premium regions including Beechworth – Vic, McLaren Vale and Coonawarra – SA.

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Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier

Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier

Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier – Intense rose petal and lychee aromas with bright delicate varietal characteristics, with some complexity of oak starting to show. The palate is light fresh fruit, obvious acid balanced with elegant long spice and a touch of pepper.

The dreamer challenges convention and inspires innovation. Our Viognier keeps us dreaming, it is a constant reminder to question and create.
We trust our instincts to explore the potential in our vineyard to craft wine of distinction.
Winemaking Notes
• Harvested early for high acidity and lower alcohol
• Coarse settling at ambient temperature overnight
• fermented on light solids with a selected yeast at 14-16C temperatures to enhance its aromatic potential and maintain freshness.
• Ferment stopped to leave residual sugar of 7g/L
• Short maturation on fermentation solids

Winemakers Tasting Notes
The Dreamer is light straw yellow with hues of green. Fresh apricots and violets on the nose with lifts of lemon.
The palate is bright and fresh with vivid acid and juicy fruits. The balance of fruit and acid give the wine depth and vibrancy.

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Philip Shaw The Dreamer Viognier -great wine from a fantastic winery

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Philip Shaw The Wire Walker Pinot Noir

Wire Walker Pinot Noir by Philip Shaw

 The Wire Walker Pinot Noir by Philip Shaw – part of the character series of wines from this well known producer in the high altitude cool climate area of Orange

Pinot Noir is still a relatively new variety for the Orange region, but it is showing excellent promise in this cool, mountainous, continental climate. Wire Walker displays a seductive light bright crimson colour, combined with the aroma having a great lift of bright fruit followed by a matrix of complex layering. This wine has great personality with varietal fruit presence and savoury texture.

Award-winning winemaker Philip Shaw produces this delicious Pinot Noir from high altitude vineyards in Orange, New South Wales. You’ll find a richly aromatic style, full of ripe summer pudding fruit laced with powdery tannins, savoury and more exotic spice.

 The Wire Walker Pinot Noir by Philip Shaw – Buy this if…you want light body, full on flavour.

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A cool climate region can be defined as an area with heat degree days of 1600 or less. Cool nights in the growing season, large diurnal variation, long cool autumns and distinct seasons are also key factors in defining a cool climate region. Orange is one of a handful of regions in Australia that fall into this category. Orange is unique among these regions due to the cool climate being the result
of continental conditions rather than latitude.

The vineyard at Koomooloo is volcanic in nature, something that the mountain continually reminds you of. There is a divide on the vineyard between younger and older basalt soils. The majority of the vineyard is 12 million year old olivine basalt, overlaying deep limestone. 400 million year old Fairbridge basalt border the property adding to the complex character of the vineyard.

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Trentham Estate Shiraz

Trentham Estate Shiraz

Trentham Estate Shiraz

THE GRAPES Shiraz, also known as Syrah, is thought to originate from the Rhone Valley in France and it continues to be the most predominant variety in this region. In 1831 James Busby collected cuttings from France and brought them to Australia. By the 1860’s Shiraz was established as one of the most important grape varieties in Australia and has developed an excellent reputation and is sought after worldwide.

THE VINTAGE ‘Late but great’ sums up the 2017 vintage. Good rain in spring, followed by mild weather and only short heat waves resulted in grapes ripening slowly on the vine. It was certainly an unusually late harvest but the wines are something to be proud of – well balanced fruit, plenty of flavour and distinct varietal aromas.

THE WINEMAKING Once harvested, the grapes were de-stemmed and pumped into the fermentation vessel. The fruit was fermented on skins for 7 days before pressing. After pressing, the wine was matured in a combination of new and aged French and American oak barrels. The wine was then blended and bottled in June 2017.

THE WINE Dark vibrant red in colour with lifted aromas of black cherry and chocolate. On the palate concentrated dark fruit flavours are complimented by subtle oak characters of mocha and spice. Full bodied and well-structured with firm ripe tannins providing balance and length.

THE FOOD Excellent match with any grilled red meat or a rich casserole.

ANALYSIS Varietal: Shiraz Alcohol: 14.5% Acid: 6.4 g/l pH: 3.51 Sweetness: Dry

Trentham Estate Shiraz is one of the range from the Trentham’ s winery which has been operating since 1988, where it has grown from the initial 30 tonne crush to a minimal but state-of-the-art facility handling up to 5,000 tonnes of premium fruit each vintage. It allows the flexibility to perform different winemaking styles, resulting in the diverse and always consistent Trentham Estate wines.

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Black Label Sparkling Shiraz

Black Label Sparkling Shiraz

Black Label Sparkling Shiraz – Sparkling Wine from McGuigan

Premium sparkling Shiraz with flavours of plum, cherry and chocolate. These rich flavours coupled with fine bubbles deliver a delightful and refreshing dry sparkling wine.

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