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Stargazer Tasmania Rada 19

Stargazer Tasmania Rada

Stargazer Tasmania Rada

A co-fermented blend of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. With the Noir component contributing soft red berry fruits, the Meunier is all savoury, earthy mushrooms and spice. Soft, dusty tannins provide the framework with characteristic Tassie acidity contributing liveliness & energy.

A vibrant lifted bouquet of wild raspberries and toasted blueberries is married with a fresh and crunchy palate and long soft tannins. Translucent red fruits are the hallmark of this wine, supported by savoury spicy notes from the Meunier component and fresh cherry pip acidity on the finish.

Stargazer Tasmania Rada 19 ticks all the boxes.

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Located in the Tea Tree subregion at the northern end of the Coal River Valley, the original vineyard on Back Tea Tree Road was planted by Norm and Jan Gangell in 2004. Pretty much half and half riesling and pinot noir, the eleven hectare property is also home to an olive grove. Samantha Connew took over the property in 2016 and in late 2017 expanded the vineyard to include an additional two hectares of vines: more pinot noir (four clones), some chardonnay (anther four clones) and more riesling. Stage two of the expansion is planned for 2020 and will take me up to five hectares in total, and then the wine will be totally estate grown.
Palisander Vineyard (as she has named it) is located on brown dermosol soil over jurassic dolerite, the igneous rock which gives over half of Tasmania its distinctive geological formations (think the rocky outcrops on the Tasman Peninsula). The soil is particularly high in calcium which is a positive indicator for quality grapes, being associated with thicker skins and slower ripening. Whilst she is still very new to this whole grape grower caper, she believes in sustainable farming and am excited about leaving my bit of dirt better than I found it.

Stargazer Tasmania Rada – great Tassie wine

Producer: Colour: RedGrape: BlendRegion: TasmaniaVintage: 2021SKU: STARG04

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