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Tahbilk Old Vines Cab/Sauv/Shiraz

Tahbilk Old Vines Cab/Sauv/Shiraz

Tahbilk Old Vines Cab/Sauv/Shiraz

The quintessentially Australian blending of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz saw initial releases at Tahbilk from the 1957 and 1958 vintages under Eric Purbrick’s tutelage, believed to be the first such ‘Estate Grown’ blends in Australia. It was not until 14 years later that Eric’s son John resurrected the blend that saw four vintages released in the 1970s and a further two in the 1980s.
The Estate is blessed with significant older vineyard blocks with, among others, Shiraz dating back to 1860 and 1933, and Cabernet Sauvignon to 1949.
It is selected of these aged vine plantings that are the primary source for the ‘OId Vines’ Cabernet Shiraz when, from the 2010 vintage, the blend returned and is now a permanent fixture of Tahbilk’s premium Reds portfolio. With a contributing average vine age of over 35 years they set a new standard for such releases from the Estate.

Tahbilk Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are crafted with a commitment to traditional winemaking values. Fermentation takes place in original open oak vats (over 155 years old), followed by maturation in similarly aged large French oak barrels prior to being bottled. Smaller French and American oak barrels are also used, with the wine from these blended back during the final filtering and bottling. In the face of changing winemaking styles and trends, this has remained the way over the years, delivering wines of true provenance and reflective of each vintage.

Enjoy Now to 2033/2035
Crafted with a commitment to our traditional wine making values, this 2018 release is bright and varietal displaying generous dark berry fruits that sit most appealingly alongside a potpourri of savoury spices with dashes of white pepper, all nestled warmly under a blanket of ripe tannins that will support extended cellaring. A very fine Tahbilk Shiraz indeed.

Tahbilk’s vineyards are grouped along the banks of the Goulburn River and an anabranch of it which flows through the estate. The water has a tempering influence on the climate. The vines are grown at approximately 134 metres elevation of gently undulating and flat terrain. The soils are sandy loam with ferric oxide content, which vary from very fine sand near the anabranch to denser loams on the plains. The grapes come from the single vineyard Madills 1927 block, where the vines planted prior to 1986 are on ARG rootstocks. They are trained on a single wire trellis with a mixture of head and cordon training, with cane and spur pruning. Tahbilk’s vines are sustainably cultivated; composting and mulching takes place which improves soil health by promoting earthworm activity. Mulching helps to control weeds and conserves water, reducing vine stress.

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Tahbilk Old Vines Cab/Sauv/Shiraz

Producer: Colour: RedGrape: Cabernet Sauvignon BlendsRegion: VictoriaVintage: 2017Grape Details: Cabernet SauvignonSKU: TAHBILK05

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Tahbilk is the oldest family owned winery and vineyard in Victoria. Purchased by the Purbrick family is 1925, Tahbilk is now home to five generations.
The original 1860 winery and cellar door is like stepping into a hidden oasis, where the natural landscape blends to complement a rich winemaking heritage.
Tahbilk has a rich source of old vineyards and iconic single vineyard wines, including Victoria’s oldest Shiraz planted in 1860 and Australian’s oldest Marsanne planted in 1927.


Victoria is a small state in area, but home to possibly the largest number of wineries in Australia, most of them which are small family-run operations. Victoria’s diverse topography, combining numerous mountain ranges, like the Grampians and the Victorian Pyrenees throughout the centre; flat plains in the northeast; and hilly, ocean-cooled reaches in the Melbourne area, make its vineyards amongst the most scenic in Australia. An enormous range of wine styles are available, and virtually every varietal flourishes in some part of the state.

Cabernet Sauvignon Blends

“Australia produces it’s own unique style of Cabernet Sauvignon blend styles, unlike any others found throughout the world, with Shiraz. The fleshy Shiraz fruit weaves itself into the Cabernet’s framework, producing a wine with fabulous structure and flavour.
Alternatively there is the classic Bordeaux blends (Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec etc) adding more complexity and lessening any harshness of the tannins.
There’s always one thing about Cabernet Sauvignon blends: the quality and character of Cabernet Sauvignon shines through.”

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